Today I'm honoured to be joined by one of the most talented and prolific landscape photographers around, Mads Peter Iversen.

And can I just say as we come in to episode 19, that starting this podcast is one of my favourite things I've ever done and I still can't believe how privileged I feel being able to get to know the photographers that have inspired me so much down the years.

So I want to thank you for listening, and I want to thank all my guests past, present, and future, for making this possible.

Usually I try to stick to a theme or main topic for each episode, but today is a bit less structured and a bit more like me just wanting to get to know how one of my all time favourite landscape photographers does his thing.

Statistically speaking, you probably already follow Mads on instagram or subscribe to his youtube channel, but if not then I highly recommend you start now.

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Photoshop for Landscape Photographers – Take your editing to the next level with Mads' comprehensive Photoshop course for landscape photoraphers

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Talking Points

  • How Mads maintains consistency across different types of landscape photography
  • How to capture unique photos from popular locations
  • Mindset differences when in photographer mode VS videographer mode
  • The growth of Mads' YouTube channel
  • Mads' process for creating video blogs
  • How to create videos that people want to watch
  • The different phases of growing an instagram following of over 600,000
  • Knowing how to give people what they want on each social platform
  • Using Instagram as a business tool
  • Photographing your home country
  • The creative rules Mads follows when creating composite images

Mads' videos mentioned on the podcast

Mads Peter Iversen on Instagram

Further Resources

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