Please welcome our guest for episode 18, John Armytage!

John is the founder and former executive chairman of the Focus Seascape and Landscape Photography community, which started out as a small sunrise meetup group on Sydney's northern beaches a decade ago and grew to become one of the largest and most valuable communities for Australia-based photographers.

The annual FOCUS awards has grown to become one of Australias leading amateur photography competitions, and is a testament to the incredible work John has put in to build this community, and to the community itself who continue to grow together and support one another.

Resources & Links

John Armytage Photography – visit John's website to learn more about his services and tours

FOCUS Community – join the main FOCUS community hub on Facebook

FOCUS Sponsors – Check out the FOCUS communities sponsors with links to special member-only offers

Talking Points

  • How the Focus community started and what it has evolved into
  • How forming a committee enabled the Focus community to grow
  • John's passion for helping and what that can lead to in others
  • The pride in seeing other peoples' progress
  • How Focus members have gone on to great things
  • John's philosophy for improving your photography
  • Why it's so important to get people out of doing life alone
  • The joy of teaching others
  • How John has started to grow his own photography business since stepping down as executive charmain of Focus earlier this year

Drunk Photographer at La Perouse

John Armytage on Instagram

Further Resources

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