We are joined this week by a wonderfully talented and entertaining travel photographer, YouTuber, and host of the Pierre T. Lambert Podcast – of course I'm talking about none other than Pierre T. Lambert.

There's a lot of photography stuff we could have talked about today, but things are a little different this week.

Because a decade ago I stumbled across a book called “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss which without exaggeration completely changed the trajectory of my entire life…

And as I learned recently, Pierre experienced a similar turning point in his life after reading it too!

So today we are talking all about how the lessons learned from that book have led to a life and career in Photography.

Resources & Links

Pierre T. Lambert Photography on YouTube – Subscribe to Pierre's Photography channel

Trina & Pierre on YouTube – Subscribe to Pierre's travel adventures channel

Pierre T. Lambert on Instagram – Follow Pierre on Instagram to be inspired by his latest images

Check out The 4-Hour Work Week Book on Amazon:

Talking Points

  • Which ideas from the 4 hour workweek book struck a chord with Pierre first
  • Switching from building someone else's dream to building your own
  • Lifestyle design and creating a career that supports your lifestyle goals
  • Which entrepreneurial ideas Pierre started with and what stuck
  • How to get used to being out of your comfort zone
  • The feeling of being paid for your first photography gig
  • How certain marketing principles from the book helped Pierre price himself straight into the market (and not have to start out cheap!)
  • The right time to quit your day job
  • The successes and failures of Pierres “air bnb for photographers” project
  • Importance of delegating what you shouldn't be doing (and why it's hard to let go)
  • Steve's first big 4hww failure that cost 6 months of time and thousands of dollars – and the important lessons learned
  • The real power of 4HWW concepts – automation
  • Transitioning into becoming a full time YouTuber
  • After hundreds of videos Pierres channel was at a virtual standstill, and the strategy that turned it around almost overnight. 
  • The best type of content for a travel / photography channel
  • What content to focus on if you want people to actually watch and care about your videos
  • The pointlessness of vanity metrics on social media (likes, followers, shares etc)
  • How it can be hard keeping a good work/life/family balance when you love your work

Pierre T. Lambert on Instagram

The “Bike Incident” video!

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