Please welcome Daniel Gastager to the podcast!

Daniel experienced an incredibly fast rise in the landscape photography world when only three years after picking up a camera he was named German Photographer Of The Year at the Sony World Photography Awards.

During our conversation we discuss Daniels quick journey to becoming German Photographer Of The Year, and dive into Daniels processes for capturing and editing Epic Landscapes!

Enjoy 🙂

Resources & Links

Daniel Gastager Photography – Head to Daniels website for links to his portfolio, video tutorials, ebooks, and more

Daniel_Gastager on Instagram – Follow Daniel on Instagram for regular landscape photography inspiration!

Talking Points

  • How Daniel became German Photographer Of The Year at the Sony World Photo Awards only 3 years after picking up a camera
  • Why Daniel turned to Landscape photography after learning other genres
  • The value of re-editing your older images
  • The balance between capture vs editing
  • Instagram VS 500px – which is more effective?
  • What makes a great landscape?
  • Daniel's processing methods / workflow
  • What happens when you don't like your old images any more?
  • How to embed mood and feeling into a photo during the edit
  • What instagram is good for, and what it's not
  • Where to get actually useful feedback on your photography
  • Consistency in editing
  • When should you alter a scene in editing to create a better looking finished image than “what was really there”? 
  • Daniels favourite locations
  • Daniels advice for photographers looking to get more from their RAW files
  • When to move from Lightroom to Photoshop in editing

Daniel Gastager on Instagram

Further Resources

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