If you love photos of beautiful and majestic animals roaming the canadian wilderness, then you're in for a treat because today we are talking with canadian wildlife photographer, Colleen Gara, who has had her work published in places like the Canadian Geographic Magazine, BBC Wildlife Magazine, and Wild Planet photo magazine to name a few.

Colleen has worked with National Geographic and Mattel as a mentor for their “you can be anything” campaign, is a content provider for Travel Alberta, and is a workshop leader for Offbeat, and Canadian Wildlife ¬†Photography Tours.

In this episode Colleen shares her love for the wilderness and what it's like to photograph wild bears, wolves, lynx's and more, and shares some tips and advice on how to get started photographing wildlife yourself.


Links & Resources

@colleengaraphoto – Follow Colleen on Instagram to stay up to date with her latest images

ColleenGaraPhotography.com – For futher info about Colleen, images galleries, and more.

Talking Points

  • Growing up loving animals and the great outdoors and how photography was a natural extension to that
  • Colleens first steps towards professional wildlife photography work
  • Planning and organising a wildlife photography shoot
  • Going beyond capturing single images of an animal to tell stories over time
  • How to identify individual animals over time
  • What issues some wild animals are facing
  • The excitement of getting the first glimpse of a rare animal you've been waiting for days to see
  • Searching for specific animals versus picking a destination first and seeing what you see
  • How it feels to see a bear staring down the barrel of your lens
  • Colleens favourite wildlife images and why they mean so much
  • Colleens advice for photographers who want to start photographing wildlife

Colleen's Photography

Check out some of Colleen's images we talked about in this episode:

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