Today we are joined by astro photographer, and astrophysicist, Anthony Salsi to talk about photographing the moon.
Anthony is currently in the final year of his PHD having had a passion for the night sky since childhood, but he only started photographing it less than a year ago.

I stumbled across one of Anthony's images of the moon on reddit a few weeks ago, which led me to his instagram profile, and even though he only started sharing his moon images since August, it's no surprise that there are already over 21 thousand people following his work.

So I highly recommend you check out Anthonys instagram profile, at @astronophilos and Anthony has kindly invited you to ask him any questions about astronomy or astro photography by sending him a direct message on instagram.

Links & Resources

@astronophilos on Instagram – Check out all of Anthony's moon images on Instagram

Autostakkert | Siril – Two of the free image stacking software options Anthony mentioned in the episode

Talking Points

  • How Anthony discovered his passion for the universe at an early age
  • Using rare events like the NEOWISE comet to spark new interest in the night sky
  • How the night sky puts everything into perspective
  • Seeing into the past when we observe the universe
  • How to reveal the hidden colours of the moon
  • What the moon's colours signify
  • How to bring out the hidden details of objects in the night sky
  • The importance of stacking exposures
  • How to capture thousands of exposures in a few minutes to stack later 
  • Anthony's equipment setup for photographing the moon
  • The most important piece of equipment
  • Using a different capture technique for photographing the moon compared to deep sky
  • Creating mosaic composites of the moon
  • Tracking the moons velocity through the sky
  • When and why light pollution is and isn't an issue for night sky photography
  • How the earths atmosphere can affect night sky photography 

Anthony's Moon Images

Further Resources

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