This episode is a little different to usual, because we are taking a break from new interviews over christmas and the new year, and instead I thought it would be fun to look back over some highlights from the first 24 episodes and interviews.

But rather than pick some random top clips from the various photographers who have been on the podcast this year, I think it's going to be doubly interesting if I try to stick to a theme for each compilation…

So to kick this off, todays compilation episode is a kind of crossover between minimalist landscape photography and shooting locally.

Given the still current travel situation worldwide, shooting locally is a very relevant topic so to start with you'll hear from Anthony Lamb from episode 2 about his minimalist style and how to capture interesting and unique images in your local area, when you don't have epic landscape vistas on your doorstep.

Then you'll hear from episode 19's Mads Peter Iversen who this year has focused on photographing and videoing his home country of Denmark, and shares his advice for taking great landscapes without having to travel far. 

And finally Alex Noriega from episode 11 who talks about how to capture abstract and minimalist landscape photos, and while we don't discuss it specifically in the context of shooting locally, I think this approach of photography is a great option for photographers who want to capture something different and interesting close to home no matter where you live.

Links & Resources

Episode #2: How To Develop Your Own Style By Connecting Emotionally With Your Photographywith Anthony Lamb

Episode #11: The Art Of The Intimate Landscapewith Alex Noriega

Episode #19: All Things Landscape Photographywith Mads Peter Iversen

Further Resources

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