Today I'm talking with the incredibly talented landscape photographer, Alex Noriega, whose images have not only earned some of the highest accolades worldwide, but they have done so by being a long way removed from what you'd call “typical” landscapes. 

It's easy to get caught in the trap of wanting to capture epic vistas under exploding sunrise or sunset skies – but Alex recognised this early on and went in another direction, deciding to focus on the more intimate scene, to create images that are truly unique to him and what he wants to express.

Listen to the full interview now to hear Alex's insights on the art of the intimate landscape.


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Talking Points

  • How to take landscape photographs that are less predictable and convey something more extraordinary
  • Why Alex hardly ever includes the sky in his photos
  • How to make popular landscape locations more anonymous by creating a sense of mystery
  • Why intimate landscapes are less reliant on weather conditions
  • What to include in an intimate landscape where so much focus is on excluding elements
  • Why even the most epic sky can make landscape scenes seem more ordinary
  • What details to focus on within a wider scene
  • What it's been like to live nomadically for the past year in a mobile home

Noriega Photography on Instagram

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