My guest for episode 10 is a photographer, author, and educator whose podcast appearances around a decade ago helped get me through many a commute back in the day. So I'm delighted to welcome Nicole Young – AKA Nicolesy to the Open Shutter Photography Podcast to discuss creativity and to give you a big dose of inspiration to find some new creative catalysts for your photography.

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Nicolesy on Stocksy – View Nicolesy's stock portfolio on the Stocksy website we talked about during the episode.

Talking Points

  • How to get over a slump by setting a creative challenge for yourself
  • Using inspiration boards on Pinterest for discovering new sparks of interest
  • Ideas for getting started with tabletop photography
  • Why tabletop photography is a great way to learn about light on a larger scale
  • The crossover between photography and other creative interests
  • Finding a “new reason” to work on and improve your photography
  • How creating a stock portfolio was a great problem solving exercise

Nicole S. Young On YouTube

Check out almost 200 videos on Nicole's YouTube channel on the link above – here are a couple to give you a taste (food-related pun intended!)

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