In this episode I'm chatting with the amazingly talented landscape photographer Isabella Tabacchi, aka @isabellandscapes on instagram.

Isabella's distinctive landscape photography style borders on the dreamlike, but without losing any sense of realism at the same time – it's something I find really difficult to describe so if you're not familiar with Isabellas work then I highly recommend you follow her instagram page.

Coming up, I'm asking Isabella about her creative process and how she developed such a style, as well as to get her insights into what it's like being on the judging panel for the prestigious Epson Pano Awards for the past three years, and if she has any tips for photographers wanting their entries to stand out from the crowd.

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SWISS ALPS: THE SECRETS OF MELCHSEE FRUTT – Book now to join Isabella on her new Swiss Alps photography tour

The Epson Pano Awards – Enter the Epson Pano Awards which Isabella has been on the judging panel for in 2018, 2019, & 2020

Talking Points

  • How to find success shooting in any weather
  • Where does Isabellas inspiration come from?
  • One thing you must do if you want to see constant improvement in your photography
  • Where do new creative ideas come from?
  • How Isabellas style continues to grow and evolve
  • What it's like to judge thousands of entries in the Epson Pano Awards
  • Advice to photographers wanting to make their photos stand out from the noise to a competition judge
  • How to stay productive when you can't travel
  • How to find new or alternative landscape locations off the beaten track

Isabellas Photography on Instagram

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