I came up with a bunch of titles for this weeks episode with Scottish outdoor photographer Kim Grant. Titles about creating videos for YouTube, about doing something unique, about showcasing the beauty in your own local landscapes, about capturing the attention of tourism boards to work with, and so on…

But there was one overarching theme to what Kim shared in our chat… One main lesson that no matter what your specific field of interest is, or whether you want to “go pro” or not, if you take this lesson to heart then you should never find yourself low on inspiration or losing your passion for photography.

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Talking Points

  • How to use photography to showcase, educate, and inform about your local area
  • How creating video blogs (with a twist) led to a career in photography
  • How Kim comes across naturally on video even though she's still camera shy
  • Why is it still painful to watch other people watching your own videos? (Something Kim and I have in common!)
  • How to get your work noticed by tourism boards
  • What's involved in creating video guides for tourism
  • Why Kim doesn't pay much attention to video stats (and what she focuses on instead)
  • Why you should create content for the right reasons and what happens when you don't
  • Why making the jump from hobbyist to professional did NOT destroy her passion for photography (in fact it was the opposite!)

Kim Grant on YouTube

Here are a selection of Kims videos that we either discussed in the episode, or are some of my faves.

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