In this weeks episode I'm joined by Icelandic professional photographer Óli Haukur, who co-founded one of Icelands most popular photo tour companies EnRoute in 2012, has an incredible image portfolio, and thanks to his thought provoking YouTube videos was one of the first names on the list of potential guests when I decided to start this podcast!

Óli shares many inspirational thoughts and insights over the course of our conversation, which I can't wait to share with you now. Hit Play to hear the full interview!

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Talking Points

  • How living in Iceland affected Óli's growth as a photographer
  • How challenging locations and conditions can train your creative eye faster
  • Does the effort you put into capturing a photo affect the quality or value of the photo?
  • Who are you shooting for?
  • Work ethis – why nobody gets good by accident
  • Does having a “style” help or hurt you as a photographer?
  • Why there is only 1 real type of failure in photography
  • Why growth isn't found in the “money shots”
  • How to go beyond the money shots to find more unique images
  • When should landscape photographers tell the “truth” in their work?
  • Why it's dangerous to rely on external factors for motivation and inspiration

Óli's Photography


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