Welcome to episode 13!

Today I'm joined by the incredibly talented landscape photographer Joshua Snow to talk about colour and light, and how to go the extra mile to use these elements to create truly unique landscapes.

I discovered Joshua on Instagram quite recently and his images and photographic style became an instant favourite of mine. Josh is a master of the epic landscape and during our conversation I came to learn just how he creates such unique images that really stand out in a genre of photography that is extremely difficult to be original in.

Listen now to hear the full interview!


Color Science In Landscape Photography – Register for Josh's Live webinar – Live this Friday 9th October 2020, at 5PM MST in the US.

Joshua Snow on Instagram – Follow Josh on Instagram to catch his latest inspirational landscape images

JSnowPhotography.com – Visit Josh's main website to see his full portfolio and learn more about his workshops and online classes.

Talking Points

  • How to use colour to evoke emotion in a landscape
  • Using colour and light as compositional elements to open up endless possibilities
  • The difference between “leading lines” and “lead-in's”
  • Using colour to push or pull you into a scene
  • Josh's fast journey to becoming a pro
  • How to balance work vs passion when you're “doing what you love” as a job
  • Bridging the gap between photography and digital art
  • Where does josh draw his creative inspiration from?
  • Can processing go too far?
  • Why (and when) lots of colour can be a bad thing!
  • Why “everything coming naturally” might not always lead to the best results
  • How to jump-start some new creativity
  • Why making it hard for yourself can be a goldmine for producing unique shots
  • How to put your own spin on locations that have been shot to death

Joshua Snow On Instagram

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