This week we are joined by the wonderfully talented and prolific landscape photographer Nick Page!

You're probably very familiar with Nick's photoraphy on Instagram, his YouTube channel, tutorials, courses and workshops, and from his popular podcast “The Landscape Photography Podcast”.

I've been following Nick online for quite a few years and one of the things that always amazed me about what he does is how prolific he has been with his work, pumping out portfolio-level images seemingly at will. This is one of the topics I wanted to dig into with Nick in our chat, along with a lot more that I know you'll get a lot of value from.

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Talking Points

  • The changing landscape of the Pacific North West following recent bushfires
  • Nick's journey into photography
  • Where did Nick's love of landscape photography evolve from?
  • Where does “photography burnout” come from?
  • How to avoid burning out
  • How to capitalise on your inspiration for maximum output
  • Putting yourself in inspirational situations
  • Chasing conditions VS locations
  • How Nick fully engages with the landscape when on a photo shoot
  • How to set yourself up for success when on a shoot
  • A typical year in the life of Nick Page
  • A not-so-typical year in the life (2020!) – What can a landscape photographer do when they're not taking landscape photos?
  • Creating a natural progression into a photography career you love
  • What does the future look life for Nick's career?
  • The real-world disconnect you feel as an online content creator, and the importance of remembering you never know the impact your work may be making on people

Nick Page on YouTube

Nick Page on Instagram

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