Welcome to part 2 of this double-feature with Paul Hoelen!

In this episode Paul shares stories and insights from some of the many photographic projects he is involved in which aim to highlight conservational issues around Australia, including his work with The Light Collective, which also features artists Adam Williams and Ignacio Palacios who you've heard from in earlier podcast episodes!

To hear part 1 of my interview with Paul, check out episode 15 here.

Many thanks again to Paul for being so open and sharing!



TheLightCollective.com.au – Check out Paul's collaborative group The Light Collective to see images from their thought provoking galleries and books highlighting the conservational issues affecting Australias landscapes.

Tarkine In Motion

Talking Landscape Photography – Subscribe to Paul's YouTube channel and tune in Live on 28th October 2020 to the panel discussion on mental health in photography and the arts.

The Light Collective's BLACK AND BLUE project

Click the image to learn about and support the project

Talking Points

  • How and why The Light Collective formed
  • The joint benefits of collaborating with other photographers to work towards a common goal
  • Using photography not to point fingers, but to open a provocative conversation
  • Paul's experience preparing for and presenting a TEDx talk
  • The difference in media reach between two TLC projects when one had more of a political angle
  • How to use your voice as a photographer
  • Is capturing beauty enough nowadays when raising awareness of environmental issues?
  • The Tarkine In Motion project
  • Using arial photography to unveil things you'd never even know about from the ground
  • How abstract photography can be used to invite a conversation
  • Activism vs Conservationism

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